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Providing client-tailored solutions of the utmost quality. Simulingual, Inc., Japan’s leading translation agency
SIMULINGUAL = Simultaneous + Lingual

Simulingual boasts over 2,000 first-class translators located across Japan and within our worldwide network. With our translators registered according to their specialized fields, we have created a “fast, high-quality translation system" enabling us to match translation services with the specific needs and requirements of our individual clients.

In addition to translation services in English (into English and into Japanese), Simulingual also offers high-quality translations in 40 other languages, including Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Overview of translation services

Financial And Business Translation
Financial translations including:
  securities   accounting   financial affairs
  insurance   risk management   annual reports
  preliminary financial reports   business   marketing
  press releases   financial statement announcements   interim reports
  quarterly reports etc.

Business documents translation including:
  timely disclosures   corporate governance reports   board meeting minutes
  presentation materials   internal conference materials   project proposals
Legal Document Translation
Translation of legal documents including:
  complaints   verdicts   laws and regulations
  attestations   family certificates   marriage certificates
  articles of incorporation.
Translation of Internal Control, Compliance, And Legal Work
Translation of internal control reports
  compliance   business alliance  
  JSOX act   company (internal) rules   Company Acts
  new Company Acts   audits   legal work
  risk management rules   internal audit manuals etc.
Translation of Contracts and Agreements
Translation of contracts including:
  licence agreements   business trust agreements   merger agreements
  agency agreements   non-disclosure agreements   etc.
Investor Relations Translation
IR translations including:
  shareholders' meeting notifications   asset securities reports
  shareholders' voting poll forms   notices of resolution
  security registration statements   preliminary financial reports
  press releases   investors' information
  annual reports, fact books, etc.
  Translation of business reports   materials for IR meetings
  company brochures   etc.

Simulingual: for fast, high-quality translation services across a variety of sectors including finance, investor relations, accounting, business, legal documents, internal control, audits, compliance, and contracts

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